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​​​Strategic Guidance Group 

Sokol Family Office was founded in early the 90s by Dr. Alexander Sokolov and his brother Dr. Vladimir Sokolov.  Headquaters are in Switzerland. 

Natalia Sokolova (daugther of Alexander) started working with the family business upon her graduation (Magnum Cum Laude)  from University of Maryland in the late 90s. Natalia Sokolova (linkedin). Coming from a long line of Russian academics gave Natalia a very strong foundation on perseverance and strength  . Her grandfather received the Lenin Prize (equivalent to the Nobel prize in the former Soviet Union). Her mother is also award-winning PhD scientists in mechanical and metallurgical engineering, she has recently won the “Best Professor” award at Moscow Technical State University. Natalia grew up with the attitude of working hard to achieve my goals and not to believe in impossible. 

Natalia currently resides in Beverly Hills and she manages together with the team of our analysts our allocations to Americas. Natalia is very involved in the Family Office world and is an invited speaker to many prestigious conferences. 


Strategic Guidance Group is a strategic investor relations consulting agency Founded by Natalia Sokolova (LinkedIn) in 2006 when her main place of residence was NYC.  The initial focus of Guidance Group was the Natural Resources Sector.  In the last 4 years we shifted our main focus to technology, while still holding a portfolio of companies in natural resource sector. We seek out paradigm shifting technologies in telecom, healthcare, blockchain, cryptocurrency, IoT, Big Data.  We continue investing in unique opportunities in mining sector as well. 

Keys to our success is dedication, reputation and long lasting relationships.  We don't use the traditional Investor Relations approach that leaks funds out of companies' pockets.  Through our strategic investor relations program, investor communications and positioning, investor and analyst targeting, non-deal and deal roadshows, SGG builds awareness, enthusiasm and sponsorship among target audiences to maximize shareholder value for both public and private companies. We partner with public and private companies to design and implement effective, custom-designed IR programs that incorporate industry best practices.

Our clients rely on us to execute results-oriented, cost-effective programs tailored to their companies' circumstances and goals, and to help them take advantage of IR opportunities while managing IR risk. We conduct a careful selection process before we agree to work with a client.   It's a partnership not an engagement. 

We have strategic relationships with other Family Offices, UHNW and HNW Individuals, VC’s and Investment firms that we very carefully integrate with companies we choose to partner with.

Living the life to the fullest means giving back and creating your legacy.  After Natalia Sokolova almost died in the car accident when she had barely turned 17 and was given no chance to walk ever again, she realized how grateful and appreciative we have to be for what we have.  Natalia's life taught her that it is very easy to give up and feel sad for yourself.  It’s much harder to wake up, get out of bed no matter how difficult it is and to take baby steps to make a difference in your life, the life of your family and all other lives you have a capability to touch in an inspiring manner.

Natalia has been involved in many charities and helped throughout her finance and modeling career to inspire children/adults  to face the reality and to thrive to achieve what then never thought they could. With her help and many prayers she was able to inspire a number of partially parallelized people to walk again.  She made it her mission to give back every way she can.  Part of our earnings go to help various charities and foundations.  


The firm is not a US securities broker dealer and is not involved in any business that would require registration as a broker-dealer or registered investment advisor.

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