Living the life to the fullest means giving back and creating your legacy.  After Natalia Sokolova almost died in the car accident when she had barely turned 17 and was given no chance to walk ever again, she realized how grateful and appreciative we have to be for what we have.  Natalia's life taught her that it is very easy to give up and feel sad for yourself.  It’s much harder to wake up, get out of bed no matter how difficult it is and to take baby steps to make a difference in your life, the life of your family and all other lives you have a capability to touch in an inspiring manner.

Natalia has been involved in many charities and helped throughout her business and modeling careers to inspire children/adults  to face the reality and to thrive to achieve what then never thought they could. With her help and many prayers she was able to inspire a number of partially parallelized people to walk again.  She made it her mission to give back every way she can.  Part of our earnings go to help various charities and foundations.  

​We are proud to be a part of is foundation that uses sports and education to help poor kids in Africa to get out to the street and to find AIDS and HIV and to have a chance to be a player is a small or national league.  I am also excited to be involved in a major new charitable giving project designed to provide medical monitoring to Veterans, Native Americans, and all other groups currently suffering a lack of access to quality healthcare.

We also support Water Charity a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping people access clean drinking water and improved sanitation. Water Charity has done more than 3,600 water, sanitation and public health projects in 72 countries, benefiting nearly 4 million people so far! With our unique and extremely efficient method of operation, and an exemplary, transparent track record of sustainable, effective projects, you will be hard pressed to find any charity, in any field, that can match our accomplishments. Water Charity is a partner of the National Peace Corps Association.