Mel Riggs - COO at Clayton Williams
Natalia is an exceptional talent. She has developed a strong skill set that makes her a perfect fit for roles that include strategic business development, marketing, and investor relations. I really believe that she has a level of intelligence, along with the ability to focus, that make her capable of doing just about anything she sets out to do.

Natalia has also carefully nurtured a diverse and extensive network of professional contacts. After meeting some of these contacts I could tell that she is highly respected for her professionalism, loyalty and integrity. Natalia is the complete package of intelligence, focus and determination. She is unstoppable. She is a careful listener, and when she speaks you realize that you need to be listening to what she has to say.  In addition to all of this, the best part about Natalia is that she is such a pleasant person to be around and to work with.

William F. Detwiner - Partner, Three Ocean Partners LLC
I am expressed impressed by Natalia's business instincts, relationships and focus on advising certain of my clients on several important strategic initiatives.  I would not hesitate to work with her on any client engagement in the future.

Arthur Lipper - Chairman of British Far East Holdings Ltd.

Natalia is an effective organizer and marketing executive

Ferit Ferhangil - President, Beta Natural Resources Inc
Natalia is very focused and pays full attention to all the details that matter in the successful execution of her projects.

Singanallur  Narayanan - Owner Kuberon Capital LLC
Natalia is consummate Investment Relations and marketing professional and accomplished individual. It is great to work with her.

Brett Davidson - President and CEO at Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc.
My name is Brett Davidson and I am the President and CEO of Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. (Wavefront) a leading-edge provider of fluid injection processes primarily for Enhanced Oil Recovery (“EOR”) as well as oil and gas well stimulation. Wavefront is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Toronto and the OTCQX in New York.
During my tenure at Wavefront I have met and worked with numerous investment relations individuals and firms across North America. From this experience, I can assure you that Natalia Sokolova is of truly extraordinary ability, very hard working, and dedicated to her chosen profession. Investor relations are a highly specialized function highlighted by excellent communication skills and the ability to understand a company’s products/services and successfully convey the related value proposition to an investor base. Natalia exemplifies the commitment required to successfully meet these challenges. Natalia’s professionalism shines through everything she does and she would be a great asset to any company who chooses to work with her and the team at SGG World.

Neil Morgan - Director Connected Capital
Natalia is a highly intelligent and extremely personable professional and quickly builds trusted rapport with her clients. She has an outstanding network of successful and talented people and the rare ability to make the right connections to produce quality business outcomes. Her motivation to create value and success for her clients is second to none.

Dev Randhawa CEO and Chairman - Fission Uranium Corp, Fission 3.0 Corp.
Natalia is not only bright but also has years of street smarts to assist emerging resource and non resource companies with both strategy and fund raising. I have know here over 10 years and would recommended whole heartedly.  


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