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Oil and Gas (technology and production)

With SEC paying a lot closer attention to ICOs we are focusing on creating them fully compliant  506(C)or(B).  Please contact us for more intformation. 


We partner with major Oil and Gas companies to provide them with state of art broadband and compression technology for reducing production and operational costs and and increasing productivity and quality. 

Foundations/Charitable Giving 

We are proud to be a part of is Kick4Life.org foundation that uses sports and education to help poor kids in Africa to get out to the street and to find AIDS and HIV and to have a chance to be a player is a small or national league.  I am also excited to be involved in a major new charitable giving project designed to provide medical monitoring to Veterans, Native Americans, and all other groups currently suffering a lack of access to quality healthcare.

We also support Water Charity a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping people access clean drinking water and improved sanitation. Water Charity has done more than 3,600 water, sanitation and public health projects in 72 countries, benefiting nearly 4 million people so far! With our unique and extremely efficient method of operation, and an exemplary, transparent track record of sustainable, effective projects, you will be hard pressed to find any charity, in any field, that can match our accomplishments. Water Charity is a partner of the National Peace Corps Association.

Maybach.org.  This Foundation identifies young individuals who have great potential in their field and a vision that goes beyond furthering their own careers. To qualify as a protégé, candidates must be facing adversity that presents a significant obstacle in otherwise reaching their full potential. Once selected, the Foundation provides protégés with mentorship, a tailored curriculum and resources to develop their professional skill set and leadership potential. 

Healthcare and Fitness - Evrcare platform

We are preparing second generation ICO for Healthcare and Fitness Connecting all bluetooth devices integrating music applications, using artificial intelligence to make and report accurate readings to doctors, healthcare providers and fitness/ wellness  instructors.  Powered by user-generated and user-controlled medical, fitness and wellness data, EvrCare will allow the exchange of value through the introduction EVR utility tokens.  Data and records will be protected by blockchain technology. 

We are partnering with tier one defense companies on a use of our broadband and  compression technology.




​We partner with a limited number of technology start-ups (both private and public) in the space of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, SAAS as well as we are starting to be very active in blockchain and cryptocurrency.  We seek technology based impact situations with paradigm shifting capabilities.  

Our research team looks for intriguing technologies that have the capability of changing how the modern world works. We acquire interests in these technologies from its' creators, and spent significant additional resources to improve and to productize them or we bring the Strategic Guidance Group team for strategic advisory. ​​

We invest in few mining companies that according to our analysts have a significant potential.  They need to have 43-101 technical report or equivalent completed that shows the resource potential and quality, strong team with track record, location with good infrastructure and stable political environment.