​​ROK Group of Companies


​ROK was co-founded by entrepreneurs John Paul DeJoria (of Patrón and Paul Mitchell Fame) and British technology pioneer Jonathan Kendrick. ROK was born as an innovative new telecommunications and value added services company, committed to delivering the highest quality cellular, entertainment, health and security services, to improve the way our customers live, work, and play. ROK Mobile and the Human Health Organization (H2O) have combined to deliver ROK HUMAN to the market. ROK HUMAN is the largest privately held cellular intellectual property portfolio incorporating life enhancing products and powered by NASA Engineering.

NexGen Compression LLC


Today’s state-of-the-art video/image compression methods for high compression ratios are time consuming and require complex processors and large memory with high bus bandwidth. This increases latency, consumed power/heat, hardware size and cost, while decreasing battery life of mobile and portable devices. NexGen Compression is an exciting opportunity to address the demanding high-quality, low-power consumption and low-bandwidth, ultra high resolution video/image market.
NexGen Compression Video/Image Codec is the next-generation technology, providing ultralow latency, mathematically lossless and lossy video/image compression and decompression. NexGen is orders of magnitude faster at any compression ratio, with the higher or the same perceived and measured decompressed video/image quality, when compared with today’s best compression methods (MPEG 4 H.265/H.264, MPEG-2, JPEG2000, JPEG). NexGen uses significantly less system resources – processor throughput, memory size, bus bandwidth, power consumption.

Genesys Technologies

​Government Contracting and Project Procurement


Genesys Technologies is an actively growing company that provides specialty equipment, technologies and services under international contracting opportunities, including direct sales various government agencies. Our company is involved in programs for the creation of countermeasures from terrorist biological and chemical threats. Today the international marketplace offers substantial prospects for U.S. firms in the business of selling technology-based products and services, and Genesys is a proud member of the community of suppliers supporting U.S. and coalition activities around the world.

CardioComm Solutions, Inc. TSX-V: EKG


CardioComm Solutions’ patented and proprietary technology is used in products for recording, viewing, analyzing and storing electrocardiograms (ECGs) for diagnosis and management of cardiac patients. In keeping with this goal, Cytta and CardioComm are combining their proprietary technologies and developing the EvrCare™ platform to address the market need for a complete and comprehensive automatic monitoring, evaluation and interpretation solution to manage a wide range of biometric data, including ECGs, within military, consumer, wellness and healthcare markets.

Cytta Corp (OTC: CYCA)


Cytta Corp’s business model entails developing and securing disruptive technologies to build credible and industry specific data collection and communication solutions for use by enterprise level organizations who can implement the technologies into their specific industry segments. Cytta’s EvrCare™ technology consists of several disruptive and proprietary technology advances including a proprietary android control interface (“PACI”) operating system software, the VeriSmartPhone™ application, and online interactive platforms. Latest Press Release

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