SGG - ​​​Strategic Guidance Group 

The firm is not a US securities broker dealer and is not involved in any business that would require registration as a broker-dealer or registered investment advisor.

SGG World - Strategic Guidance Group is a member of a Single Family Office and an investor and advisor to select companies. The mission of the Strategic Guidance Group is to provide expertise, investment, strategic advisory, and relationships to global early stage technology companies that strive to make a positive impact on the world and the way we live and thrive.

Natalia Sokolova (LinkedIn). Natalia comes from the family of inventors and engineers. Her grandfather became an Academic, a legend in the mechanical metallurgical engineering with his patents used all over the world. His daughter, Natalia's mom, followed his footsteps and became a leading expert in the field. She has over 200 inventions/ patents in use, numerous publications and still is a full-time professor. 

Natalia Sokolova, is a trusted member/speaker for many prestigious domestic and international family office networks. She co-founded SGG World to use family resources and her relationships to empower positive change.  Natalia's passion is in identifying and fostering nascent technology companies that can deliver innovative and unique solutions to the world’s current challenges  through SGG strategic advisory services and capital. SGG has been an active participant in video streaming solutions, video compression,  blockchain technologies, and De-Fi/Crypto since 2016. She spent a decade prior to this  leading Investor Relations for publicly traded US and Canadian firms globally.  Ms. Sokolova graduated with honors from the University of Maryland, College Park

Gary Campbell (LinkedIn) is a partner in the SGG World and a member of The GMC Family Office, the multi-generational investment arm of the Campbell family. The five generations of the Campbell family have deep roots in Canada (primarily Vancouver and its environs) and the USA (primarily California and Nevada). Accordingly today the Family is focused primarily on US/Canada business ventures. Mr. Campbell was the Senior Partner of Vancouver Canada based Holmes, Campbell and Greenslade, an innovative securities law firm, which created the Industrial (Technology) Board on the Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE). Mr. Campbell has degrees in both Commerce and Law from the University of BC, with minors in both mathematics and brain function and physiology. 

Formula we apply to our selection process:

1. Do we believe in the team? Their past accomplishments, purpose behind the project; and their level of commitment and integrity. What are they willing to give up in order to make their goal a reality?

2. Do we believe in the purpose? What makes this company special in comparison to their competitors. How accessible will it would be for their audience? What is the serious problem they are trying to solve?

3. What would it take to get it done? What resources we need to deploy? i.e. time, money, strategic partners.

4. Does the company have a potential of being an exponential organization? i.e. 10X returns, global outreach potential.

5. What is the exit strategy? Does the team begin with the end in mind?

A critical factor that makes us unique in strategic planning is that we are a part of extensive Family Office Global Network.  We review many companies/ brands to find the one that correlates with our mission.